The Brompton Heritage group exists to research, promote and conserve historical sites, items and information relating to Brompton by Northallerton, North Yorkshire and its environs, and to support others in doing so. 
It also organises a programme of talks and other events through the year. See the events calendar for more information.

The group was originally formed in an attempt to save the Wilford mill chimney which was such a feature of Brompton. Regrettably, the chimney was taken down in November 2003 but the group has subsequently undertaken a number of projects in the village. See the Group Projects page for more information.

Please note: the 'request membership' link at the top of the page relates only to independent contributions to the website which are currently not accepted. The group itself does not have formal membership but if you are interested in their work, come along to an event. If you have other queries,please contact us.

Dismantling the chimney of the Wilford linen mill  

The dismantling of the Wilford chimney. © Harry Cooke